Gift 3 Packs

FREE Limited Edition Hat or Tee included with every 3 Pack Gift Order.

Give the gift of Waterman's Pack to that special waterman or waterwoman. When you gift 3 Packs, the recipient will receive the a Waterman's Pack every other month for 6 months. They'll receive 3 packs in total which will begin with the next pack scheduled to ship.

Each pack comes with $100+ worth of products inside, with each item being hand-picked by one of the world's best watermen or waterwomen. A portion of proceeds from each pack are donated to a featured charity. In addition to their packs, your gift recipient will receive...

• Members-Only Deals
• Exclusive Online Content
• Access to a growing, passionate community of watermen and waterwomen.
*Please note, this is the Domestic option for recipients located inside of the United States. If you would like your gift to be shipped outside of the U.S., please select the International option.